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Guest registration



Every Tuesday from 6:20pm to 8:00pm PST


Guests are welcome. Please register below before end of day Monday before attending as a guest. 

We are currently conducting virtual meetings via Zoom!


Please make sure to RSVP before attending as a guest

Click HERE to join the meeting via Zoom.  


Thank you for your RSVP. We are looking forward to seeing you at our meeting on Tuesday at 6:20pm PST!

What to Expect


We offer a weekly program comprised of speeches that follow Toastmaster manuals, evaluations of those speeches, and short impromptu speaking opportunities. As a business club, we encourage our members to speak about business topics, thereby sharing their insights with other club members. In addition to the regular program, we bring in guest speakers who have expert knowledge in their respective fields.


We welcome guests who are interested in developing their public speaking skills and leadership potential. You have the opportunity to introduce yourself in front of our other attendees and participate in our table topics session where you can practice impromptu speaking (but it’s optional!) At a typical meeting you can expect around 30 attendees made up of both guests and members. Members of Rhinoceros Business Toastmasters are a diverse group of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages, with a shared commitment to improving their communication and leadership skills.


We recommend attending our weekly meeting a few times to get a feel for the group and the way we work. Once you feel that Rhino Business Toastmasters is for you, you are welcome to contact our VP of Membership who will tell you about our application process.


To join our next meeting as a guest please RSVP. We look forward to meeting you!

What Our Guests Say
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